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Cotton Foundation is dedicated to restoring hope to children and families affect by disasters and life-altering illnesses. These challenges are unpredictable and disruptive, leaving in their wake financial and emotional loss. Cotton Foundation is agile and dynamic, able to respond immediately, making a difference in people’s lives. Your gift will allow us to prepare for tough time and expand our reach.

Your support restores hope

Disasters and illnesses are going to happen. Unfortunately, they cannot be predicted, so we can’t know what losses people will suffer. Our responses must be tailored to the unique needs of each such situation. Contributions provide the resources and flexibility that allow us to help people in need, quickly and creatively.

Cotton Holdings and its subsidiaries address basic needs, restoring homes and property. Your support restores communities. When you contribute to Cotton Foundation, you help to lift up the human spirit and rebuild a sense of community. Your gift fulfills the needs of those who have suffered loss: daily necessities, household items, school supplies, or toys—or a place to stay and let the spirit recuperate. Your contribution fosters hope to sustain people in difficult times, and creates memories that remain a source of strength throughout their lives.

Cotton Charitable Foundation is a registered 501 (c) 3 organization. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Please consult with your tax advisor.


Cotton Foundation's success will be measured by the number of people served, and by the geographic reach of the program.